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Photography, journalism, research, architecture
Mix well = van der Moga Photography

I am a self-taught photographer deeply interested in the built world and the funny, dualistic and often destructive ways in which we occupy it.

My perspective is informed by a broad range of experiences and interests and takes into considertion the social, environmental and interpersonal consequences of our choices.

To get here I took the scenic route, which included straddling the Atlantic from an early age, rerouted academic persuits, and pit stops working in the fields of architecture, market research, and photojournalism. My formal preparations include a Master of Architecture, Bachelor of Studio Art, and Bachelor of International Business. I am a licensed architect in the State of New York, and speak English, German, and Romanian.

These experiences, together with a passion for history, politics, and the human condition, form the basis of my strive to see things the way they are - beautiful, imperfect, and of this world.

For the rest, I will let the pictures do the talking.

Mireille Moga




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